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Senior Care


Investment Level:
– Available start-up capital of £400,000 to £500,000 depending on size of Master Territory

– Single location start-up costs from under £80,000

International Presence:
Senior Care Authority® is a high-growth, award-winning American franchise with over 100 U.S. locations.

Development Type:
Master Franchisee for the UK

Senior Care Authority Franchise UK

Own a franchise that helps families identify the best retirement community or demantia care options for their senior loved ones

Senior Care Authority® is a high-growth, award-winning American franchise with over 100 U.S. locations. Providing families with eldercare consulting and placement of elderly loved ones in retirement communities or memory care. The company’s average client age is in the low 80’s, and most client cases involve some form of dementia.

How are Senior Care Authority services different from homecare agencies?

Unlike homecare agencies, we do NOT provide “hands-on” careWe provide advisory services to families who are seeking retirement community placement and memory care options for senior loved ones. As a result, the Senior Care Authority model does not have the expensive staff overhead costs and direct care liability of a homecare agency.

How do Senior Care Authority franchisees earn their fees?

This is a unique business model offering services in senior living options, eldercare consulting and advocacy services. With multiple revenue streams, most costs are not paid by families but by contracted living communities.

Does Senior Care Authority provide families with advice on dementia care options?

Yes. Many of our client cases involve some form of dementia, which plays an important role in advising on appropriate senior living communities and care options. The number of people living with dementia in the UK was estimated to be close to one million in 2021 (944,000), by 2050 this figure is expected to rise to 1.6 million as shown in the graph below.

How a senior care franchise differs from other franchise opportunities

  • Market Dynamics – The senior care industry has seen steady growth due to the aging population, creating a consistent demand for senior care services.
  • Demographics – The aging baby boomer population has contributed to the sustained growth in the senior care sector. Projections show increasing need each year.
  • Investment – Senior care franchises require significantly less initial investments because of very low overhead including being a home-based model.
  • Competition – Competition in-home care franchises varies by location but in the UK, it is virtually non-existent in the consulting & placement segment of Senior care.
  • Resilience – Senior care is considered recession-resistant, as it caters to essential needs, providing a level of stability.
  • Growth Prospects – With the aging population, the senior care industry will continue growing in the long term.

Ideal Partner:

Senior Care Authority are seeking :

Master Franchisee

Single Unit Franchisees


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