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Maths Tutoring


Average Start-Up:
£90k – £160k

UK Presence:
17 Centres

International Presence: 1,100+ Centres Worldwide

Mathnasium Franchise UK

Join the Revolution in Maths Education

Mathnasium transforms the way children understand and appreciate maths. Our method has been fully aligned to the UK national curriculum and designed to complement school learning, not compete with it. 

Available in-centre or online, it’s proven to achieve outstanding results for children – and the franchisees that help them.

This is a stand-out opportunity to capture a share of the skyrocketing, £6.5bn UK private tuition industry.

Our franchise opportunity

Your role as a franchisee focuses on growing and developing your businessmanaging your instructors, building local relationships, speaking with parents and promoting your services.

With a highly visible Learning Centre on a street that sits on a route travelled regularly by parents, e.g on a typical school run, you’ll be noticed quickly and regularly.

Centres typically open as school ends, giving you the earlier part of the day to work on growing your name in your community. Using a subscription-based model and encouraging children to visit regularly, you’ll have stable, recurring income and a predictable cashflow. 

Once you’ve established your first centre, you have the flexibility to shape the future to match your ambitions: open one centre and then once successfully operating, you have the option of multi-centre ownership with 2, 5, or more centres. The largest franchisee in the US has 39 centres!

Ideal Partner:

Mathnasium are seeking :

Single Unit Franchisees

Multi-Unit Franchisees


Interested in Mathnasium? Contact John Preston

John is the Master Franchisee for Mathnasium. He is happy to discuss the requirements for developing Mathnasium in the UK.


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