At a Glance

IHOP since 1958, Applebee’s since 1980

UK Presence:
Seeking experienced multi-unit operators to expand the brand across the UK

International Presence:
IHOP and Applebee’s have a combined total of over 3,500 restaurants across 18 international countries

Development Type: Master Franchisee and/or Area Developers for dual-branded restaurants in the UK. Seeking experienced multi-unit operators.

IHOP & Applebee's Duel-Branded Franchise UK

Dine Brands is expanding this exciting concept that brings together two of the world’s favourite brands, under one roof.

This concept, which launched in 2020, has quickly grown to 8 locations in Canada, Mexico, Dubai and Kuwait, with many others in the pipeline.

IHOP and Applebee’s, with 3,500 restaurants across the U.S. and 18 international markets, are seeking Master Franchisee and/or Area Developers for dual-branded restaurants in the UK.

“We believe duel-branded operations will capitalise on each brand’s unique strength and dayparts, resulting in strong margins and return on investment.”

– Scott Gladstone, Dine’s President of International & Corporate Development

Our Brands at a Glance


  • Spreading Happiness since 1958
  • Over 65 years of cherished dining experience
  • World famous buttermilk pancakes
  • Best of America
  • Connection, celebration, and cherished memories
  • Fresh, tasty, comfortable, relaxed
  • Wide guest base
  • Ideal for study breaks, pre-game meals and every day occassions.


  • Founded in 1980, Atlanta, GA
  • Applebee’s Philosophy: Good food, good people
  • Vast Reach: Over 1,640 restaurants
  • One of the world’s largest casual dining chains
  • Always a Reason to Celebrate
  • Fresh, authentic, sociable
  • All American favorites
  • Wide guest base

What are the benefits of a dual-branded IHOP/Applebee’s restaurant?

Investing in a dual-branded (IHOP & Applebee’s) restaurant is a fantastic opportunity.

While IHOP brings the magic of the morning, Applebee’s is the hero of the night. From the first sip of coffee to the last bite of dessert, we’ve got every craving covered under one roof. 

With a combined 100 years of hospitality experience and expertise, guests will feel welcome, satisfied, and eager to return.

Dish out happiness from sunrise to sunset, as we blend the best of both worlds. We leverage the back of house, while maintaining the separate identifies of our brands, with distinct branding and zones.  Without increasing the foot print, we maximize revenues and optimize operating efficiencies (e.g., when there are more IHOP guests for breakfast, the Applebee’s seating area can accommodate guest overflow and vice versa at dinner).

UK Franchisee Requirements

IHOP & Applebee's are seeking :

Master Franchisee

Area Developers

Multi-Unit Operators


Interested in IHOP & Applebee’s? Contact Johnny Sellyn

Johnny is the Founder of whichfranchise and one of the most well-known and connected people in franchising. He is happy to discuss the requirements for developing IHOP & Applebee’s in the UK.


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