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Investment Level:
£120,000 to £200,000 

Crepeaffaire Franchise UK

Crepeaffaire is about more than just food. We are a lifestyle brand – a unique, tasty and fun love affair with flavour, service and design. Crepeaffiare addresses current market trends and exploits opportunities with a branded, systematic and scalable operation.

Crepeaffaire was created in 2005 to celebrate the humble crepe and bring it to the next level. We are a unique and independent quality food brand, serving freshly baked savoury and sweet crepes made with organic flour and natural ingredients.

Our philosophy is to position crepes as an indulgent yet healthy alternative to traditional fast food within the quick-casual foo segment. Since its creation, it has become the UK’s market leader, successfully operating in a variety of locations and formats.

Its production system features a “crepe theatre” for entertainment and visibility of preparation. can operate on small footprints without the need for costly kitchen extraction, thus providing maximum location flexibility.

Crepeaffaire caters to a wide target audience for all day eating and snacking with a product and packaging ideal to eat in or consume on the go. Our product range can easily be adjusted to local tastes and tendencies – an ideal starting point for multi-local and international expansion.

It has a modern urban pitch with a distinct continental / French flavour; suited to shopping, leisure and transport destinations or interchanges with a varied clientele and brand representation, both in the UK and internationally.

Multi-format strategy – Flexibility for all locations

Crepeaffaire operates on small footprints without hood ventilation to suit multiple destinations. Aside from custom—built-in-line high street or mall formats, we have developed modular formats to reduce capex and enhance flexibility for use in malls, travel interchanges and store-in-store environments, such as the Quick-Serve format and the Mall Mini Kiosk.

We also offer mobile solutions. Our custom-built van hits the spot with a limited mobile offer. Ideal for pop-ups, corporate and private events.

Crêpeaffaire is at the forefront of the delivery movement, implementing state of the art tech integrations and driving down commission rates to the benefit of the Franchisee network.

Financial / Ideal Partner

Crepeaffaire is seeking :

Multi-unit Partners

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Johnny is the Founder of whichfranchise and one of the most well-known and connected people in franchising. He is happy to discuss the requirements for developing Crepeaffaire in the UK.


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