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UK Presence:
16 stores across the UK

International Presence:
First international locations opening in Canada & Dubai in 2024

Development Type: Looking for single and multi-unit partners

Burger Boi Franchise UK

Burger Boi… pushing the boundaries of the traditional burger brand concept

Burger Boi doesn’t rest on its laurels; it constantly pushes the boundaries of culinary innovation. From our iconic ‘Triple cheese Boi’ to our signature loaded fries ‘The Bad Boi Hot Mess’, our array of signature creations tantalizes the taste buds with unexpected combinations and bold flavours.  Our diverse menu includes quality smashed burgers, buttermilk fried chicken, breakfasts, shakes and an extensive range of vegan/vegetarian options.

Our kitchen is a laboratory of experimentation, the team work tirelessly to concoct new flavour combinations and textures that surprise and delight.

Our stores include entertainment and games facilities adding that unique selling point and individuality.

Burger Boi has had a profound cultural impact. It has become a symbol of modern, progressive and disruptive marketing. A trendsetter in an industry that thrives on innovation. It proves itself to not only be a brand but to promote a lifestyle.

Our first store opened in the West Midlands in 2021 and became an instant hit; it was the no1 highest grossing brand on UberEats in Wolverhampton outside of national chains. Burger Boi has since grown to 16 stores and continues this trend in each of the markets it has launched in. 

We are now looking to take Burger Boi to the masses and are actively seeking franchisees in both UK and International markets. We aim to have 50+ locations in the UK by the end of 2026. Worldwide expansion is starting with its first locations in Canada & Dubai in 2024.

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Burger Boi are seeking :

Multi-Unit Franchise Partners

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Johnny is the Founder of whichfranchise and one of the most well-known and connected people in franchising. He is happy to discuss the requirements for developing Burger Boi in the UK.


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