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Sector: Quick service dumpling restaurant

Start-up Costs (multi-unit):

Franchise Fee: $35,000

Multi-Unit Development Fee: Full deposit 1-3 units (or 1-5 for 10+ units), 50% deposit each additional unit

Ideal locations: Every train station, airport, strip mall, and shopping center



Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Franchise US

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a 24 hour, contactless, automat dumpling franchise that is ready to spin the QSR industry on its’ head.

Brooklyn Chop House’s Director of Operations Stratis Morfogen will be the first to market a one-of-a-kind quick serve dumpling restaurant concept dubbed Brooklyn Dumpling Shop at St. Mark’s Place in the East Village of Manhattan.

The owners

Stratis Morfogen has a flourishing past in the hospitality industry. He was the partner and owner of several well-known establishments in New York including Philippe Chow, Club Rouge, Gotham City Diner, Seagrill of the Aegean, Hilltop Diner, Kids Kingdom Amusement Park, Aubar, Sessa and more. Last year, he teamed up with partners music mogul, restaurateur, franchisor and real estate developer Robert “Don Pooh” Cummins and tech entrepreneur Dave Thomas, to open Brooklyn Chop House.  Morfogen, Cummins and Thomas are also the forces behind Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, which they plan to take coast to coast.

Our food

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will feature 32 unique dumpling varieties as well as traditional soup dumplings, spring rolls and veggie and Peking Duck. They will also feature crave-worthy, fast and affordable breakfast dumplings and hot and frozen dessert Dumplings.

This state of the art Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) will have a dumpling making machine in the front window for all to see called The Dumpling Lab. Guests can place an order on their phone or via one of the restaurant’s Touchless POS kiosks. When a guest’s order is ready, the customer will receive a text notification to get their special delivery from a marked locker, which will be greenlit when the dumplings are ready to take home once they scan their specially created barcode.

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Concept

The 24 hour restaurant will have a contactless ordering system and bring back the Automat of yesteryear into 2021 with the most innovative technology of today and Zero Human Interaction (ZHI) throughout the entire grab and go process. The state-of-the-art food locker technology from ONDO, powered by Panasonic will provide the latest technology for meals to go, and will offer guests a safe and easy option to pick up orders at their peak freshness.

Safety measures being implemented at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop will include contact-free ordering kiosks powered by TRAY, allowing customers to order ahead or scan a QR code at the TRAY kiosk, enabling them to order directly from their mobile phone. Their order will be sent to TRAY’s glove-enabled kitchen display system, then temperature controlled lockers for easy pickups.

Franchise Requirements:

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is seeking:

Multi-unit Franchisees

State or Area Developers


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